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Whole Melt Gelato Edition,  Gelato is an Indica dominant hybrid (55% Indica /45% Sativa) strain created through a cross of the infamous Sunset Sherbet X Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies strains. It is infamous for its insanely delicious flavor and hugely powerful effects showing at the very minimum 20% THC. Gelato has a flavor that’s said to be much like a sweet sherbet, with fruity blueberry and orange flavors. The aroma is just as sickly sweet and has a woody effect as inhale it. Although it has a tasty flavor, Gelato is definitely best loved for its effects. Even with its slight Indica dominance, the high is head heavy in nature and won’t leave with couch lock! It starts with a head high that hits you with an uplifted euphoria and a sense of slightly focused energy. As this head high builds a creeping body buzz will slowly build, leaving you completely relaxed and calm with a sense of peace and well-being. These effects make Whole melt gelato edition the perfect choice for patients suffering from muscle spasms, chronic pain, inflammation, chronic fatigue and headaches or migraines.

Genetics: Sunset Sherbet x Thin Mint Cookies
Type: Hybrid
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
THC: 20-25%
Yield: Low

Premium Live Resin Sugar

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